Modern and Clean

In older homes or buildings you may see textured stucco ceilings, also commonly called popcorn ceilings. One of the main reasons for removal of this texture is older ceilings may contain asbestos.

Here are a few other logical considerations for removal of popcorn ceilings:

  • Adds resale value.
  • Your space will appear brighter and larger.
  • The ceiling will look cleaner while collecting less dust. This also helps to improve the air quality of your property.
  • Your property will appear modern, newer and fresh.
  • Hidden cracks and damages are revealed then fixed.
  • Future imperfections are easily manageable.

Removal Process

First we cover all of your floors with kraft paper, then drape your walls and floors with plastic. Furniture, light fixtures, fans, and vents are wrapped and taped. This ensures all mess is contained and easy to clean as we go.

Once the work area is prepared, the popcorn ceiling is removed using state of the art ‘dustless’ equipment that sands as it vacuums for debris control during stucco removal.

Any flaws in the ceiling drywall following stucco sanding are made perfect with a thin skim coat of drywall compound.

Once the drywall compound is set, we sand your ceiling again to make it perfectly smooth, then prime and paint.

Goodbye PopCorn

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